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Handpresso - Espresso Maker Review - Unboxed and Outdoor Demo

An unboxing and demonstration of the Handpresso. A portable Espresso maker designed to take outdoors on camping and hiking trips. - Full review with How-to guide and tips - http://gadgetviper.com/handpresso-review-espresso-coffee-maker/

Visit the Website - http://gadgetviper.com
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numismatric : The bottom of the pump handle is the correct size to be used as a tamper... ;)
Marvin A : OMG...that case. Imagine the looks you get when Airport security randomly goes through your bag. :)
Pichiticivita 423 : Nice crema
bullmkts : Great voice and accent, consider podcasting :)
Niel Crafford : Baxteeeeeer!!!!!!!
Chris Campagnaro : Nice job GV, just ordered one of these for my bean addiction. Adorable lab pup, just makes me want to squeeze that little face.
FuncaliciousFeet : Now thats some real dedication for a good coffee.
Black Propaganjah : How many grams of coffee can fit into the basket?
Viva Suíça : Just got mine!!!
madjob8 : even in the instructions it recommends preheating the water chamber. and for pressure, pumping into the red is needed to get full pressure extraction. you will have to periodically reseal all the gaskets with keg lube but the quality of the extraction precludes the bother. and who doesnt like fiddling with their espresso bits.

Handpresso Pump Silver, the portable espresso machine

A look at the Handpresso Pump Silver, the portable espresso machine.

Check them out at:

Attia not Attia : Jesus fucking Christ just get to it already
wiid head : you forgot to properly tamp your grounds in this demo. this is apparently an extremely important step. this is probably why your shot came out fast and thin with little crema. other than that i feel like you did a good job explaining and demonstrating the product. this seem like the best in its class from my research. seems a bit pricey. im looking more for a portable coffee maker with simular concept. i like an 8-12oz cup of coffee more than a 1-2oz shot. still considering this though.
Vinicius Destro GURU : Vim pelo Edu Cof
Mark Lapasa : wow, so no impressed by that lack of crema. I was about to buy this but not after seeing the results.
Serhii Zhukov : Thank you for review .
Now I know - I don't need this. If you able heat some water it's easier to use small Moka pot for one person. Handpresso better than Moka pot only because better pressure of extraction .
But Moka better in whole usage expreience meaning, I believe. Thank you.
Brendon Knox 2 : It's not coffee, it's espresso. And it's not foam, it's crema.
vangelis13 : Thank you for the detailed review. It is obvious without a shadow of a doubt that this gadget cannot make espresso. That watery mess that it produced looks like very poor coffee let alone espresso.
Peter Mills : If one uses the pods it does make a nice foam. Loading the pods with fresh coffee you really need to compress the grinds with the pump side of the machine.
Ari 아리 : Instead of this , try the Wacaco minipresso or nanopresso u won’t regret it.
Zac Allaf : Thanks for the detailed review of this gadget, but I gotta be honest it heart my ears to hear you sayin "expresso" and you wrote it espresso in the title, there is no "x" in espresso, and that foam you mentioned in the end of the video called "crema", please accept my barista snob criticism!

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker

Make quality espresso anywhere with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Now you can be an aspiring Barista in the office, on holiday, on weekends, at the beach, while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere!

Buy it here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/handpresso-wild-hybrid

It's so easy! Simply pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle, then put in an E.S.E. pod or ground espresso. Push the button, and voila, great-tasting espresso with a fine and smooth créma.
Hitko Bilanovic : Hehehe...use everywhere...but you need hot water to make espresso so if you need to bring hot water with you, you can make espresso at home and take it with you everywhere !!
Kurt van Ryswyk : Am so glad that it is friendly towards reflected sound waves...
zinktrumpet : How long does it maintain 16 bar?
The first few milliseconds I wager
Paul Wormer : but you need hot water in the wilderness!
Jonathan Bartlett : I've been looking for those E.S.E. pods all over town - no luck - just Kpods.
Ace Rms : In a hotel i would rather order my espresso instead of making it myself
liam Carroll : Echo Friendly WTF is that?
Sonibel Rondon :
Sonibel Rondon : Super
PortableCoffee.com : +inoel arias: a common way to have hot water at hand is to use a thermos. Camping, you might use a portable stove. People at work might use the kitchen etc ;)




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