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Best $40 PC Speakers? - Logitech Z313 - Unboxing & Review

Logitech Z313 Speakers --- @Amazon http://amzn.to/2oC1mFI --- @Newegg http://bit.ly/2oAX8yb
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How good is the Logitech Z313 speaker system

This is an unboxing and review of the Logitech Z313 speaker system. I unbox and go over all the components and wiring, then set them up and play a couple songs so you can get a rough idea of how they sound.

Full specs here:

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Logitech Z313 - Sound Test!!

This is a 2.1 speaker system from Logitech that it great for the money! It comes with a L (left) and R (right) satellite speaker (2in) and a subwoofer (4in). All the cords are about 5 - 6 ft and comes with a wired remote. Plugs in via 3.5mm headphone jack and works beautifully with computers phones and tv's. Got this on Amazon for $30 and I love it.
This a speaker system around $30 so don't expect it to sound better than a high-end system.

Amazon - Logitech Z313 Speaker System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HWRZ2K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8GwCyb78CMG3Y




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