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Used Peugeot 206CC - Buying Advice & Review

Ian Royle checks out a second-hand Peugeot 206CC, as he helps Steven decide whether or not this is the car for him. He'll be looking at the car's performance and handling, as well as seeing how practical it is. The 206CC has an electric folding roof, which allows the driver to effortlessly drop the roof at the touch of a button.
ZZ ZZ : Only pussies drive converitbles with d top down and windows UP.
itz_bawse09 Fabalicious : Are these Peugeots reliable (compared to a Renault)
Pärlan : I have had my 206 cc for 7 years now. :)
Stewart McDonald : Shit
Fernando Santana : Can i put a spare tire in the rear seats?
No longer Here : My wife bought one of these (04 plate.. 69k on the clock) damn thing packed up on the way home. long story short .. avoid this car she took it back to the dealer and bought a ford puma 1.7 instead cool little car!
max : good vid I might get this in 3 months
Lucy Locket : What a couple of no ball tossers..........................................

2001 Peugeot 206CC Convertible Review

Glenda McKay goes topless in the 2001 Peugeot 206CC Cabriolet, as she test drives and reviews the beautiful French convertible.
neil walker : Best convertible ever made!! end of !!
Joe Biden : Okay, this is men and motors, what is the 'female' doin there
deeyelipz : Damnn, she has a pretty voice!
Bart Lecoque : That whas a woman just sayin
Zoli : I want to use this car on highways, cities and country roads! Is it enough on these roads?
stefan kureljusic : this car is so fn cheap.. but ill try saving for the mx5 :P
Yusuf Türk : Cool review
Uncle RAY : I would hit.
Loretta Eichelmann : please help
Loretta Eichelmann : changed  to lexus lights on my 2006cc and when I hit the brakes my side light on front comes on

푸조 206CC 스페셜에디션 RC 라인 컨버터블 오픈카 빨간색 스포츠카 시승기 [ 대전 황장군의 '카스토리텔링(자동차리뷰)' 제23회 ] 대사우TV

카스토리텔링 : 자동차의 역사와 개발 배경과 숨겨진 비화를 함께 공유하며 기존의 자동차 외형이나 제원, 옵션들에 대한 설명이 아닌 이야기 위주의 자동차 전문프로입니다. #푸조206CC #스페셜에디션 #RC라인 #푸조206CC시승기 #컨버터블 #오픈카 #빨간색_스포츠카 #푸조206CC리뷰 #일반인시승기 #일반인리뷰 #푸조 #푸조시승기
어쩐다TV : 오래간만에 인사드립니다.
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잘 보고 갑니다
써니윤 : 우와.. 댓글이 천개가 넘는... 대박인데요? 대사우님 짱입니다 ㅎㅎ
영상...잘봤지만.... 감탄하고 가네요 헤헤 ㅎㅎ
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행복주렁주렁 : 와~멋진 차
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광고까지 풀시청하고 응원합니다 ~^^
Craft Guru BD : Nice video
Lutong Nanay : Very nice and beautiful car enjoy watching the full video, I'm here Giving back your kindness.. Hope you'll do the same hehe, Let's stay connected and God bless
이사랑 고양이 : 266 안녕하세요 좋아요 하고 즐청 할게요
Beautinance : 푸조 206CC 스페셜 에디션 RC 라인 컨버터블을 커버하는 멋진 자동차 리뷰. 차가 멋져 보입니다.
Thu Duong 18 : hello friend Video is interesting to watch! This is a beautiful video!
못말리는낚시꾼BIGDUOK : 방갑습니다대사우님
찾아주시고 시청해주시고 응원해주셔서 감사합니다
앞으로 자주 보며 친해져보아요~^^*




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