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[위아맘스 Review] 래디어스 토츠 칫솔(Radius Totz Toothbrush) with 리맘|유아용품 리뷰(Baby Products Review)

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본 영상은 외부 업체의 협찬이나 지원을 받지 않고, 엄마들이 아이들을 키우며 실제 경험한 순수한 리뷰를 바탕으로 제작되었습니다.

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올바른 칫솔 고르는 방법! | 이것 딱 한가지만 기억하시면 됩니다~! | 치과의사가 알려주는 좋은 칫솔 고르는 법

#칫솔고르는법 #칫솔교체주기 #toothbrush

여러 가지 칫솔모가 골고루 박힌 칫솔
울룩불룩 굴곡이 많은 칫솔
실리콘 돌기가 달린 칫솔 등등 마트에 가면 정말 많은
종류의 칫솔들이 진열되어 있어서~
어떤 칫솔을 골라야 할지 막막하셨죠?!

치대남 댓글에도 어떤 칫솔이 좋은지~
또 칫솔은 언제 교체 하는것이 좋은지 질문이 많더라구요~!

그래서 딱! 정해 드릴게요~!

제일 좋은 칫솔 고르는 방법과
칫솔을 얼마 마다 교체 해야 하는지~!

이번 영상 보시고 바로 좋은 칫솔로 교체 해서
꼼꼼하게 양치 하세요~!! : )

구독 꾹! 좋아요 꾹! 알림 꾹!

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Here's Why Radius is My Favorite Manual Toothbrush

Did you know that there is one major drawback of toothbrushes? They're mostly made of plastic and do not decompose rapidly. About 1 billion plastic brushes are disposed every year in the US alone! What's worse is these might end up in the ocean and hurt marine wildlife. In this video, I review the Radius Source toothbrush. And FYI... it's my favorite toothbrush!

Radius is an awesome, female-owned company on the East Coast that manufactures a toothbrush with a handle made from recycled materials. Pair this with removable heads, and you'll be set for a lifetime of great brushing. Its soft bristles are perfect for gentle but effective removal of biofilm. I've been using it for years and I have a bunch of them at home, in my office, and in my car.

Radius also has its travel toothbrush called the Radius Tour. The handle is made of plastic but it has the same soft bristles and is perfect for travel. You should never leave your toothbrush at home. Bring one on the road all the time!

And Radius doesn't forget about your little ones! Radius Totz toothbrushes for kids are perfect for your kids 18 months old and up. Specialized soft bristles are gentle to the teeth and gums but tough enough to get the job done. The Totz is available in 3 colors and the handle is easy for small hands to grip. Teach them while they're young and always make brushing fun!

Below are some affiliate links, which allow us to earn a small commission from your purchase. This helps keep the lights on around here, but you don’t pay a penny more.

To get your own Radius toothbrush, click on the link below.

You can also check our online store for other toothbrushes that I recommend.




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