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Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Wifi + 3G Model - 16GB - Black - HD

This is my unboxing of the iPad 2 Enjoy! Please follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/ZeeReviewz Thanks\r
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Tanner Reel : holy shit my ipad is ooooollllllldddd asf
Stefano Gobbo : I originally bought the iPad 2 in hopes of downloading Gray Matter to help my mom✹✹>JustU.Faith/i-Pad?勲  with Dementia but I am also enjoying the games and Face Time with my nephews!
FushionXander : I have dis iPad just got it yesterday and when I charge it. It won’t turn on maybe I need to wait
Brycen Goldson ‏العربية ཏ་ : I have an iPad 2 it runs on iOS 9.3.5
Jagadish : Comment from future 2020 feb
Z REFLEX : Bro pls Pubg test
『 L e m o n G a c h a』 UwUz : omg i remember having this iPad and i’m charging it rn
F l ø w e r i y a : This is my comment,Made in 8 October 2019.
Alejandro Lol : This is your comment that is not 7 or 8 years ago
technical Abdullah Khan : Watching on my iPad 2

Elizabeth IPAD16

yasminfillery : Lol mr.web

Bethan King : mr webb looking groovy lelelelle

ipad16 bgb





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