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What is a resistor?

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Resistors are passive electrical components that limit electric current. This video explains in an easy way the most basic background to help you understand resistors and use them.

How do resistors work? (Animated) | Basic Electronics

Resistors are everywhere - we would bet good money there's one in your hand or on your lap right now. Unless you're old-school and still have a desktop computer. Either way, resistors are one of the fundamental components of electronics and incredibly important to understand. In this tutorial, we answer the question, "how do resistors work?"

We also cover this topic in our written tutorial on where we go more in-depth on this topic:

Table of Contents
00:31 Resistor Symbols
01:15 Varieties of Resistors
03:08 Analogy of a Resistor
03:26 Ohm's Law
04:05 Pointers for Choosing a Resistor

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Resistors - Ohm's Law is not a real law

Ohm's Law and Resistors.

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