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Sony VX2000/PD150 - internal battery replacement

This tutorial shows how to disassemble the sister models Sony VX2000/PD150 professional digital camcorders in order to replace the internal lithium-vanadium battery.
Note: The VX2100/PD170 are very similar, but with a different handle where are located two batteries. Therefore in these models you don't have to remove the left cabinet to find the battery.
Questo tutorial illustra come smontare i camcorders Sony della famiglia VX2000/PD150/VX2100/PD170 per la sostituzione della batteria interna al litio-vanadio.
Nota: i modelli VX2100/PD170 sono molto simili tranne che per una maniglia leggermente diversa che ospita due batterie. Quindi per questi modelli non è necessario smontare il guscio per trovare la batteria.
Where to buy/dove acquistare:
Ricky Larkin-Sweet : I've got a vx2000 that wont turn on at all, any ideas what the problem could be? could it be rejecting non sony brand batteries and dc
Verto : Hi there! So overall, how many internal batteries are in the VX2000 and VX2100? And what are those batteries controlling? I have these two modells, please help! Thanks for this great video, im subscribing!
Frank Laciak : The instructions were spot on!!! Thank you for making the video.
William Domb : If you attempt to apply this miserable video to the PD150, you will shoot yourself.
Giancarmine Arena : Grazie per avere caricato questo video tutorial. La mia VX2000 riposta per molto tempo in un armadio, non si accende più. Pensi che possa dipendere dalla batteria interna certamente scarica? Grazie
john solidus : How many internal battery inside this camera
I saw another video for dsr pd170 internal battery located inside the handle two batteries is it different location than pd 150
Thomas Guerin : Thanks a lot for that video ! Do you think it would be easier to change all the board ? I'm not very confident with the soldering...
Brandt Bruney : Can this work for the Sony DSR 250?
hadi niko97 : please help me , what is the difference VX2100 with vx2100e ?
Alistair Biggar : Just replaced battery on my old PD150. What a wonderful presentation. I could not have done this without it. many thanks

MK4 ALH TDI PD Lift Pump Install In The 2001 Jetta

Installing a PD lift pump into the 2001 Jetta TDI. Most of these parts can be found at your local junk yard!!
Jeff Pepin : did ever try a 2.0l Gas pump assembly as a diesel lift pump on tdi ? lol , always askin myself about that
Tony Lester : Great video
Adrenaline Driven Media : I always wondered why this car sounded different haha. I’ve only seen it leave the store. Sounds awesome man. How far do you plan on pushing this engine? These things are savage turned up.
greg h : Does the jetta have the small check valve in the fuel sending unit like the tdi beetle? i had fuel delivery problems with mine and drilled out the check ball
Eric S : Hey could you link the pin key set? Thanks! Love the videos
paul0afg081 : Really cool to know this , I had no idea and seems like a really good mod , better cold starts , better for the fuel pump and improves performance even not that much , but still seems a really good mod , good video
paul0afg081 : What does it do ? More power ? I love your Jetta man , never mind u explain in the end of the video

Sony DSR-PD150 3CCD DVCAM camcorder (2003)

This camcorder was retired at the TV station just recently, and it was generously given to me. I look forward to making some YouTube videos with this!

00:00 - Introduction
2:25 - What is DVCAM?
6:47 - What is 3CCD?
10:32 - Overview
29:59 - Video Test
themaritimegirl : I have found that mounting the microphone backwards, pointing towards me, yields way better audio for YouTube purposes.
Mike Krumlauf : This camera was released in 2000 not 2003 and the PAL model is superior to the NTSC model.
Adam Jaouni : How do you convert your tape?
LiaColcord : Is there a way I can transfer videos to my iPhone or Android if so can u put the time stamp or tell me?
Randy Olander : Super excited to have found your video about this camera. I acquired the same camera bundled with a DSR-PD170 and an editing deck plus a ton of accessories locally through an auction. I can't wait to run some tape through mine. Both cameras I have are low hours also. Thanks again. Great video!
louodd : cool..how do you import your footage into your PC with this & what method maintains best quality from original recording ?? Firewire ? VGA ? Can you enlighten me on the best way to upload my wedding footage "which was shot on this camera and mini dv's' into my PC, what cables or adapters would you recommend ? Looking to keep quality as hi as possible, Thx
Artwork Acosta : i want this camcorder <3 i have a sony handycam dcr-hc14e pal and is pretty awesome, i bought the adapter to convert mini DV to digital stuff and i am doing speed paintings with this one, and i love how looks like, vhs life style is the best way to record!

i want to save money to buy this model or a similar one!

thanks for this video!!!
Phone Trash : Isn’t this the same camera Jules Naudet used back in 2001?
Johannes Wahl : Its actually the vx1000 that is very popular with skaters. Still very popular
darius : I have a Panasonic ag dvx100 that I bought back in october 2017... quite an amazing camcorder, although I will say the design of it very strange. lots of sony's prosumer camcorders are similar to it.

Also apparently my camcorder was the same model James Rolfe used to film most of the early AVGN episodes. Very cool...




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