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Fever Ray - Plunge (Official Audio)

Fever Ray announce 2018 European tour dates:

Fever Ray - Plunge. Taken from the new album 'Plunge' which is out now:


TURN-BASED DUNGEON PLUNGER | Let's Play PLUNGE | Graeme Games | Release Gameplay

Let's play Plunge
Steam PC release gameplay

Plunge download ►

Plunge Steam description:
"It's time to take the Plunge! Enter the adventure of Billie, the billionth prisoner who longs to find freedom on the other side. Dodge, dash, and defeat a wide variety of guards, creatures, and otherworldly beings bent on preventing Billie's passage in this exciting turn-based dungeon plunger!"

After a brief time with Plunge game, I can already see the depth of strategy, easter eggs, secrets, characters, unlocks, skills, and more! Plus the Plunge OST soundtrack is an absolute banger!!


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Intro music provided by Alec Shea:

Deadliest Drop! (The PLunge) - Danao Adventure Park


Currently the world's highest canyon swing. It's one of Danao Adventure Park's death defying rides. Danao Adventure Park is Bohol's first extreme adventure park, it is situated in the heart of Bohol, 72 km away from the City and 45 minutes away from the port of Tubigon, Bohol. You can take a van or a bus (AC and Non-AC Buses) from Tagbilaran, City or bring your own transportation of any kind and nothing to worry about the road because it's all concrete all the way to Danao, Bohol. Enjoy the smooth ride and sight seeing of the beautiful landscapes and up close with the chocolate hills along the way.




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