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LED light strip channel review

How to spray paint them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzNQyDBW0Xs

As I review a led channel pkg. they do not offer in the kit the connections to splice. but a simple over lap can cure that. I gotten a narrower strip and at first my thoughts were DULL lighting. after I tested out. impressed some. the channels are my project to hang at a later time they look good. and a excellent quality. missing adhesive . that I must now go purchase I rather not put holes in the ceiling today. maybe down the road. This is My Spring 2018 project for a Solar led lighting Kit.
Peter Forest : Do you know where I can find profiles like these but that are curved or flexible for flush use in plaster board? All the recessed profiles I find are straight or with 90 degree bends. I want gentle curves
mygiguser : That looks very futuristic. Are those going to be solar powered soon?
Sarge Monday : Very cool Fish! Well done! I like it.
Mary Reed : I really like them Fish. I was telling my son about them and he says, you want me to get you some to tinker around with. I'm thinking in the kitchen. They look great in your room. I bet they look even better in person.
Official AgamE : Why type of LED light strips you were using for this particular project?

Acrylic Channel Letters with Bounce LED Cobra

The Bounce Cobra is a flexible strip light that is perfect for slimline acrylic channel letters. 

If you have access to a CNC router and are haven’t yet experimented with using LED strip modules to create illuminated acrylic signage this is a must-watch

When dealing with LED products it quickly becomes all about the numbers, the specifications, power efficiency, technical details - the list goes on. Our series of instructional videos that cut through the confusing technical details and showcase how you can use Tec-Know LED products to make great looking signs.

How to choose LED channel - Muzata aluminum channel installation DIY guide 2019

You could visit our amazon store to find this product by clicking the URL below. https://amzn.to/2ouRIGT
We will show you how to choose and install LED channels according to different needs.
From this video, you will learn
1. How to save lots of money by choosing right product with low budget.
2. The difference between surface-mounted U-shape and Corner-mounted V-shape.
3. How to create neon effect and corner connection.
4. How to choose aluminum channels for Philips hue light strip and waterproof LED strip.
5. How to install LED strip light and LED channel.
Bill Rankin : Is there a particular technique or method of snapping the diffuser onto the u-channel? I am having a very difficult time with that part.
Tommy Daly : Tommy Daly
Which do you recommend for the corner on your ceiling...to allow the most light (not diffused) Thank you
John Smith : here is a thought, can I use Velcro to secure the LED Lights to the channel, not ON the back of the LED but NEXT to the LED
Hmm for sure in time the two sided tape will lose its stickiness sure I can use them other methods but they all use a glued backing as well so they will fail in time as well,,, so best bet is Velcro, whatcha think?
Penny s : Great video. Which style should I use to create best neon effect?
John Smith : what locks the two channels together just placing them side-by-side there will be a tiny tiny gap I think do you sell middle connectors, if not then I just made Muzata a money making idea, I want a free box of them haha




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